Surviving Teething

25 October 2017
Mother Reading A Book To Her Baby Small

It can sometimes be heartbreaking to see your little toddler going teething and, unfortunately, it’s a whole new level of pain when the big molars start growing, around the time he gets to be 13 months. He will be experiencing more discomfort than he felt while going through his initial teething periods.

No need for despair though. There are clear signs that his molars are breaking through and there are some simple ways to offer relief.

  • His chin or cheek is irritated. The molars bring about increased drool output, and that may irritate his face, especially if he has sensitive skin. Keep a soft cloth nearby to pat her chin dry, but make sure not to rub.
  • He keeps gnawing on everything. The teething toys will come in very handy, especially if they can be chilled. You can also try giving him very cold water, but with no ice.
  • His ears hurt. Because gums, ears, and cheeks are part of the same nerve pathways, a pain in the gums might expand to include his ears or cheeks. Pain medicine might be the best way to deal with this, but make sure to check with your doctor first.
  • He doesn’t want to eat. The pain in his mouth might make him want to avoid food. In addition to that, sucking on a straw or sippy cup can make his gums hurt more, so he may refuse to drink his milk too. Cool, soft foods might be the solution.

He’s cranky. But you can understand why. Just make sure he gets lots of attention and he’s entertained as often as possible.


Reference: http://www.whattoexpect.com/toddler/grooming/toddler-teething-relief.aspx

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