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The Benefits of Climbing

25 October 2017
Boy Climbing A Wall

Your kids have a ton of energy, and finding ways to channel that energy in ways that can be good for them is sometimes difficult. Once your child is between the ages 4 and 5, outdoor activities can get more interesting, particularly if you teach them to climb.

Here are a few of the benefits linked to climbing, and how it can provide them with important skills:

  • Climbing teaches critical problem-solving and decision-making skills. Finding the best path on a climb is like putting together a puzzle. Each move requires a decision making process, and is a great way for your child to learn to solve problems, think for herself, and make smart decisions.
  • Climbing can help your child overcome common fears and teaches her the ability to adapt and overcome difficult situations. Encouraging her to leave her comfort zone and confront their fears will impart bravery and help her overcome nerves.
  • Climbing promotes healthy life choices. Climbing requires agility, flexibility, endurance, and strength. It requires eating well and drinking water.
  • Climbing is an adventure sport that can be learned in a relatively low risk and highly controlled environment. Climbing might seem extreme to you, but it is very low risk when done in a controlled environment.
  • Climbing teaches discipline and focus. It’s impossible to multi-task when you’re climbing, so it is a great way to develop her focus.
  • Climbing is a great lesson in humility. Her character will be stronger, as climbing consists of falling and getting up again, until she reaches the top. This exercises her self-confidence and teaches her to persevere in the face of failure.

Reference: http://blog.rei.com/climb/why-climbing-is-the-perfect-activity-for-your-kids/ target="_blank"


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