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25 October 2017
Boy Playing On Gymnastic Bars While His Mother Watches

The benefits of dancing are numerous, especially when your child is growing up and developing her fine and gross motor skills. Research has shown that children who dance have reduced obesity, healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and are better able to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Dancing is also a fund source of exercise, and it is a creative outlet. It can make your child feel physically refreshed and improver her mood, helping to tackle serious issues like anxiety and depression. It’s a great way to release daily stress, and a distraction from daily worries.

Through dance, your child develops a greater range of movement whilst developing the ability to work within different spaces. It improves her coordination, which can help her when learning to ride a bike or trying to multitask. It also helps strength and endurance, and created a solid platform for her physical development and level of fitness.

Dancing makes use of many muscles and develops the use of her body fully. Through learning movement, she becomes aware of her body and what she’s capable of doing with it.

Partaking in a dance class promotes teamwork and develops her ability to function in groups. It also teaches her patience, listening, and working with others.

Dancing provides your child with the understanding that it is possible to portray a message both verbally and with the correct body signals, and also teaches her to interpret these signals from other people.

Finally, dancing teaches your child perseverance and self-motivation. It encourages her to experiment and solve problems. It allows her to explore and express herself freely, better understanding herself, physically and mentally.


Reference: http://www.stagecoach.co.uk/blog/blog/march-2014/benefits-of-dance-for-young-children

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