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Developing Math Skills

25 October 2017
Mother Holding Her Daughter Holding A Rope

Even before they get to school, kids have a grasp of addition and subtraction because of their daily interactions. They know that they have two brothers and one sister. They can count how many stairs it takes to get to their room. Simple activities like this gives them a jumpstart on the formal math lessons that they’ll get in school.

Below are some tips that you can do to help your child learn early math skills, by building on their curiosity and still having fun.

Count and Sort. Put together a small basket of toys, and count them as you put them in the basket. You can sort them by color, size, or shape to add a layer.

Play With Your Phone. Your child is probably already attracted to your phone, so use this opportunity to show her the numbers and explain to her that everyone has a phone number they can be reached at.

Cook Together. When you’re baking together, your child gets exposed to the idea of measurements, as well as counting.

Learn the Days. Get a calendar and highlight important dates, and count how many days until things like her birthday or her playdate.

Set The Table. Get your child to her you set the table, counting how many forks, plates, napkins and spoons are needed at mealtime.

Play With Laundry. Get your child to sort shirts, socks, and pants into piles, and ask her which pile is bigger. You can also get her to match and pair socks.


Reference: https://www.zerotothree.org/resources/299-help-your-child-develop-early-math-skills

Little Girl Drinking Milk - S-26 Progress Gold Milk CanBaby drinking milkLittle Girl Drinking Milk - S-26 Progress Gold Milk CanLittle Girl Drinking Milk - S-26 Progress Gold Milk CanLittle Girl Drinking Milk - S-26 Progress Gold Milk Can

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