Making Friends: Kindergarten and socio-emotional development

25 October 2017
Mother And Daughter Tying A Boy's Shoes

In the Kindergarten, your kids will start making new friends. Now’s the time when they really start to enjoy playing with other kids, and their socio-emotional development revolves around interacting with their peers.

By the time they start kindergarten, they should be able to:

  • communicate with their friends and cooperate.
  • Understand and respond to feedback
  • Encourage their friends and even help them out
  • Understand instructions and be able to follow them through, be they from their teacher or a parent
  • Be able to do some group work

Of course, every kid develops at a different pace, but this is what the average kid entereing kindergarten is able to do. If you feel that your child is not necessarily able to do one or more of these things, don’t worry. They will come naturally with time. If you feel that your child is really behind in developing these skills, however, consult a professional or talk to the school therapist. They should be able to calm your fears or guide you in the right direction.


Reference: http://www.education.com/magazine/article/Your_Kindergartner_Should_Be_Able_To/

Little Girl Drinking Milk - S-26 Progress Gold Milk CanBaby drinking milkLittle Girl Drinking Milk - S-26 Progress Gold Milk CanLittle Girl Drinking Milk - S-26 Progress Gold Milk CanLittle Girl Drinking Milk - S-26 Progress Gold Milk Can

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