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Managing Mood Swings

25 October 2017
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While most people associate mood swings with teenagers, they are a very common part of your five-year-old’s life. Your kindergartner is susceptible to strong emotions that seem to come out of nowhere. This may come as a surprise to you, given that your child has been joyful overall so far.

No need to worry. It is completely normal, and will probably only last a few months, though it can seem quite intense to you. Understanding why the mood swings are happening is key to managing them.

They have physical needs. They’re hungry or they’re tired. This is quite common as they start going to school, since they break their routine and wake up earlier. They also need more energy now, since their days are full of academic expectations. (TIP: Make sure she gets a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast before sending her off to school)

They’re trying to make friends. Getting accepted by their peers can affect their mood. She might love a game, until she starts to lose or feel unappreciated, and suddenly, she’ll think the game is stupid. (TIP: Teach her all about being a team player.

They’re trying to express themselves. By now, she can formulate sentences, but she still has a hard time expressing things, or accepting things, like how tired she may be. She will need to learn to recognize and express her feelings and her needs, and that will come with time. (TIP: Model expressing your feelings and your needs by saying what you feel and what you need.)


Reference: http://www.parents.com/kids/development/behavioral/how-to-deal-with-mood-swings/

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