Child Developement Expert

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My name is Dr Garene Kaloustian, and I will be your partner on this journey. While you will get to know me through the different readings, here is a brief about me: I have a Ph.D. in Child Development. I have particular interest in children's social development and more specifically, mother-child attachment relationships. I am "all things early childhood:" An academic, an advocate, and a happy mother of 2 little girls. I look forward to our journey together ...

Being a parent, and more specifically, a mother, is one of the oldest and hardest professions of time ... parents and non-parents alike seem to agree. We are parents of little humans - their caregivers - their secure base. We are who the child turns to in times of good and times of distress.

Children are evolving phenomena. No piece of cake!

While parenting is a very unique and individualized experience, it comes with a myriad of possibilities and challenges. Possibilities are endless for us as parents but the challenges are just as many ... these challenges require us to understand this unique phase of child development and what it means to them growing healthy and happy.

And this is where our journey begins ...

This little expedition we are about to embark on will help us see the different and unique ways children learn so we can better understand and engage with them. Together, we will explore a diverse set of topics, starting from the brain formation of the baby to the child's cognitive development, to getting messy with our little ones, to developing children as risk takers, to enhancing our children's creativity and many more! We will have many examples that help us along the way. Remember, there is no ONE way of doing things! This journey is to help all of us mums feel a bit more at ease with ourselves. Just be brave, have confidence, be understanding, and above all, be flexible for you and your children.