Baby: 0 - 6 months

Every child is different and will, therefore, develop at his or her own pace. However, according to experts, there are specific milestones that should be achieved by certain ages and stages in life in order to properly grow and develop.


  • Cries when uncomfortable or left alone
  • Stops crying when picked up
  • Murmurs when happy
  • Makes eye contact
  • Likes to be held
  • May smile at mother’s face or voice
  • Eyes may follow moving objects
  • Turns in direction of sound
  • Cries when hungry, in pain, hot/ cold or excited
  • Sucks and clears airway
  • Makes smoother, more controlled movements
  • Lifts chin briefly when lying on tummy
  • Holds objects placed in hand
  • Eats without difficulty


  • Calms when comforted
  • Smiles at people and turns toward sounds
  • Murmurs sounds
  • Likes to play with people & mimic their sounds
  • Different cries to show hunger, pain, tiredness
  • Looks at faces, follows things with his eyes and responds to sound
  • Recognizes people and objects at a distance
  • Begins to act bored
  • Looks at your face during feedings
  • Makes known if happy or sad
  • Responds to care
  • Uses hands and eyes together
  • Holds head up and pushes up when lying on tummy
  • Smoother movements of arms and legs
  • Gets alarmed with loud noises
  • Breastfeeds easily
  • Holds head steady without support
  • Pushes down on legs on a hard surface
  • May roll over from tummy to back
  • Holds, shakes, swings toys
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A mother reading a story to her child
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A mother reading a story to her child
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A mother reading a story to her child